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590 DANBURY ROAD, RIDGEFIELD, CT 06877 T: (203) 969-4327 or (203) 403-3393


"Recently I had a Pulmonary Function Test to determine if my lung function had deteriorated in the three years since my last test - I have COPD. My pulmonologist and I were pleasantly surprised to learn that there had been very little downward trend in the percentage of function! No medication changes have taken place and the amount of exercise undertaken was actually less than ideal in the late 2013 and most of 2014. Therefore, I attribute the relative stability of my lungs to my almost weekly visits to Saltana Cave since you opened your door in 2013!

You may be sure that I will continue to be a regular client in the Cave and look forward to maintaining as much good health as possible as I deal with the COPD. Thanks for bringing Saltana Cave to Ridgefield!"

Martha Campbell

"I still had a persistent, congested cough two weeks after a hospital stay with pneumonia. The morning after visiting Saltana Cave my congestion and cough were completely gone."

Elsie Douglass

"Saltana salt cave is a beautiful experience. The owner is very friendly and knowledgeable about the uses and health benefits of himalayan salt. While I do not have respiratory difficulties I find visiting the salt cave is extremely relaxing and I leave there feeling healthy and refreshed. As a plumber working in Ridgefield I come into contact with lots of sustances that can be problematic my health. Saltana Cave has a nice selection of himalayan salt products for purchase. I have noticed improvements in psoriasis almost immediately after using the salt bar and bath soak. Thank you so much Anna for providing a deeply relaxing cave with great health benefits!"

Janice Zygmunt

"After all my years of breathing practice every single day for twenty five years, I was unprepared for the increased clarity of breathing I experienced after visiting The Saltana Cave. I could FEEL the difference in my lungs. Really feel it!

I can only imagine what this means for people with respiratory issues, like asthma and allergies and an array of other conditions."

Deanne Mincer

"Last Sunday my daughter and I visited an old and dear friend Anna Husted, who is the owner of the "Saltana Cave" spa. What a treat we had at the Cave!!! First, whenever I say the word Saltana, it reminds me of the name "Sultana," which means "Empress, queen or a member of the sultan's family." Second, besides being royal, this name carries very strong intense energy that promotes productivity, creativity and spirituality. My feelings did not fail me. Saltana Cave is the palace of himalayan salt, where every customer is treated as a member of a royal family. Also you get an opportunity to go on your relaxing or spiritual journey, while you are inhaling the gifts of the Salt and listening of the meditating music. You close your eyes, relax and forget about time! We had an excellent experience! We definitely will come back, bring friends, and spread a word around NYC! We love you, Anna Husted, and we love 'Saltana Cave'!"

Oksana Savuk

"Love Saltana Cave - was looking for something to help my son, who has terrible seasonal allergies. I use it as a complement to his allergy shots, and after just a few sessions, noticed a tremendous difference in his breathing. I signed up for 10 sessions, but plan to keep bringing him back regularly."

Malini Murthy

"The Saltana Cave provided me with the time and space to get deep down into myself and to let go. It was, in a word, an "experience," and one in which I plan on repeating. Often."

Anmarie Galowski